Does Your Room Describe Your Personality?

Even without you knowing it, the way you decorate your room basically reflects the person that you are. The way you put your decorations together, the color schemes, as well as the furniture that you use all, have something to do with your personal taste. Of course, your personal taste will already give someone an idea of what you are like as a person. Your likes and dislikes and probably your views in life are all reflected in the room you occupy. This is probably so because your room is supposed to be your comfort zone. Hence, it should be a place which should totally agree with you and your being.

Minimalist equals simplicity

Individuals who usually have very simple taste usually go for the uncluttered look. Very few furniture can be seen within the room and color schemes are usually geared towards neutral colors grey, black, and white. The room is usually kept neat. Hence, space is never an issue when it comes to those who go for minimalist looks. In fact, individuals who go for this kind of look come off as persons who are quite serious by nature.

Simple styles without the dull look

There are those individuals who do go for simple looks and yet with a bit more color giving their room a sense of style. The room, in this case, takes in a more casual look. The color scheme does not stick to the neutral greys, blacks, and whites but there is a tendency to become more creative when it comes to color. This type of style lessens the “feeling of seriousness” in the room.

Radical designs

For a younger set, they may often choose room designs that are more radical in nature. Splashes of color can be seen all over the room to probably express a more vibrant and outgoing nature. Decorations may be less serious in nature which probably shows the fun-loving personality behind the owner of that particular room.

Color schemes reflect who you are

The choice of color for the room serves as a statement to what you are as a person. Individuals who choose colors with yellow tones usually indicate optimism and cheerfulness. Pinks usually indicate a sweet personality as well as trustworthiness. Individuals who go for red tones on the other hand show a sense of vibrancy and high-energy. These are individuals who are pretty much on the go always. On the other hand, those who go for blues and greens are said to be calm and pretty relaxed by nature.

Many things can be said about a person and the room he occupies. The way he deals with people as well as his outlooks in life is shown in his taste and his preferences. In fact, looking at one’s room will already give a total stranger an idea, and probably a look at how a person is even without having to enter any conversation. Probably, besides one’s eyes, one’s room is another window to his soul.